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A free coaching session

I have invited you to meet with me to discuss coaching. There is no charge for this; nor is it a sales presentation. Simply click the make contact button and I will get back to you to set it up.


My reason is to get to know you a bit and as simply as possible capture an essence or overview of who you are and how you are doing in getting your worklife where you want it to be. Even though this is only 60 to 75 minutes we do not speak in platitudes or generalities but about top tier issues and ideas relevant to you.


Before we meet  we have had an email exchange asking you a few (3) questions about what you want to get or have from your next job and beyond. You don't need more than a couple of short paragraphs to lay it out. I also ask for your most recent resume or whatever else you are presenting about yourself.


You describe your most satisfying work experiences so far and tell me what a quality work life would look like to you today or say 12 - 18 months down the road.






Tom Jackson

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