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About Tom Jackson- The Boston Career Coach

from ordinary to extraordinary

"Tom Jackson is one of the country's most respected  professional career/life coaches. His books and lectures (Guerilla Tactics in the Job Market, The Perfect Resume (and others) have underscored the need for individuality, revitalization and creative flexibility in the post recession job market." Richard Bolles What Color is Your Parachute


In Jackson's coaching, a major theme is for clients to move their performance from "Ordinary" to "Extraordinary" redefining and projecting skills and capabilities into fresh areas for growth, skills development and strong value propositions geared to meet or exceed recruiter/hiring expectations.


The coach's work is highly "hands on" with motivation, role-plays and candid feedback. He is always available for feedback and review to overcome any resistance or difficulties and improve your marketability and success.


  • Tom Jackson

  • Author-lecturer

  • Career counselor

  • Executive coach

  • Corporate consultant

  • Frequent Media guest

  • Wharton School

  • Georgtown Law

  • Founder-Career Development Team

  • CEO-Employment Systems Inc.


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