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Coaching Practices - 2

Some of the specific ways we work with clients

More BestPractices

Each client is different in many ways: goals, needs, learning style, receptivity. There are many processes and practices available to client support in the work we do. The initial (free) counseling session helps us jointly decide what a client might want or need to focus on first.


  • Focus on lifetime purpose, self-direction, innovation and life quality. 

  • ​​Upgraded "market smart" descriptions of skills, strengths, capabilities, education, ongoing learning, and market assessment.

  • ​Emphasis on communication skills moving from ordinary conversation to persuasion, conviction and mastery.

  • Role-plays and standup exercises around interviews, presentations, negotiating, inquiry and advocacy.

  • ​A full range of job search and career development strategies and tactics including 10 – 12 sets of documents, exercises, problem-solving suggestions, tactical and negotiation practices for your work at home between meetings.

  • ​Complete resume review as to emphasis, forward direction, clarity, brevity and power to draw interest.

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