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High Performance Coaching

3. Demonstrate your Capabilities

As technology and markets change, you will revitalize your skills profile and resume to maintain your market value to employers. We erncourage clients to develop their own specialized learning plans.


An important distinction in presenting your credentials is between your skills and your capabilities.  A skill is something more or less formal you have learned and done, however a capability goes beyond this formality and lets you make a case for something you are confident you can do for the company whether you have ever done it or not. Your capabilities greatly exceed your formal skills.   


In role plays you will speak of current forces at work and how you relate to them productively. We will help you produce a Capability Resume which expands the range of value you offer.


1.The Vision to see 

the future you want.

2. The Will to do what

it takes to achieve it

3. The Capabilities and

knowhow to demonstrate

tangible value 


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