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Coaching Practices

Best practices in coaching: what you will get


  • Investigation and transformation of internal self-image, and recurring attitudinal patterns that could sap motivation


  • Survey of values, interests, motivations and lifestyle issues you wish to pursue in your explorations


  • Assessment of past work experience in terms of satisfaction, performance, work – style and relationships, identifying what is desired moving forward


  • Length, scope, contacts, results and other information related to prior or current career searches and their outcomes – assessment of how these worked for you


  • Sphere of contacts including personal and family connections, school connections, associations, networks, LinkedIn and other potential lead generation sources.


  • Range of assessments relative to future career targets, fields of interest, job market growth areas, and entrepreneurial options.


  • Consideration of "world of possibility": range of opportunities in a variety of industries and fields outside of your training and experience...


Each individual, needs different support, information and motivations to achieve goals. There are many processes and practices a professional coach can use depending on what is needed: here is a sample


Tom Jackson

Brighton Mass 

617 254 0791

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