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Your Conversation with the Coach - part two



In this free initial meeting we discuss how well your resume and communicatons presents your ability to add value to the opportunities you are seeking, and how to make it more powerful.


I will ask pointed questions to get to clear answers when we discuss strategy.


After this meeting if you would like to consider going further, you can request a proposal which I tailor and email to you. The proposal suggests a plan of action you may wish to agree to, hold for a future date, modify, or turn down. Scheduling can be within 3-4 weeks depending.


If you wish to proceed with coaching we look at potential start dates. I normally work with a four to five person client load usually 90 minutes per week plus lots of assignments, online and practical undertakings. The period of time we are involved is usually eight or nine weeks.


Cost and fees 

The largest cost is the cost of your time to get behind your intentions and objectives and do the work needed to get you and keep you moving forward. The home assignments are as important as networking meetings .

The monthly (4 weeks) fees range from $600 to $750. This fee is for all we do together for each month including comprehensive assignments, three 90 minute face to face meetings, roleplays, phone time, on line etc. There is usually a two month minimum agreement.


Tom Jackson

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