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About Tom Jackson- The Boston Career Coach

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For over two decades Jackson has been a leading career authority and performance coach. He has worked with thousands of people with career concerns and reached millions more with his books, lectures and media appearances. His work has been at the forefront of the movement that gave individuals the power over their careers and quality of life. He is a graduate of the Wharton School and special studies at Georgetown Law School.


Tom’s work in breakthrough thinking has been delivered at a dozen organizations with documented results, and its principles translated to his coaching practices and the work of others. Tom has consulted with senior executives and managers at many top tier corporations including, IBM, Citicorp, Bank One, Ford, ATT, and others.


Programs developed,

delivered and licensed:

• Take charge of your career

• Professional excellence

• Career entrepreneurship

• Resume plus

• Guerrilla tactics in the job market

• Strategic change

• Breaking out of boxes

• Power communications


Coaching and mentoring

• Individual executive and peer group

coaching assignments over 25 years

• Lectures and coaching at over 400

colleges and universities

• Master courses in career counseling

and coaching

• Placement agency training programs

• Executive search training programs

• Interview training


Resume development programs and books


• The Perfect Resume

• Resume Express

• The Perfect CV

• The Hidden Job Market

• Perfect Résumé Strategies

• The Perfect Cover Letter

Technology developments

• National computerized skills search

• Job match software

• Resume software

• Capability building software

• Performance enhancement software

Tom Jackson


Career counselor

Executive coach

Corporate consultant

Media guest (GMA 14 times)

Wharton School

Georgtown Law

Founder-Career Development Team

CEO-Employment Systems Inc.







Tom Jackson

Brighton Mass 

617 254 0791

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