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 The quality of your results is a function of the quality of your thinking. This includes the ability to set aside old habits and assumptions. Short meditations are helpful in opening fresh thinking. The ability to drop nagging preoccupations  or worries clears space for new realizations. We meet in a quiet comfortable room

(In Brighton). At the beginning of each meeting we share openly how the previous week has been: What worked, what didn't work, what was learned, obstacles and breakthroughs, what needs attention.


In all of our coaching we focus on top tier communication practicesinterviews, self descriptions, presentations, questioning and negotiations; written and spoken. Power speaking is an objective. Knowing the word types to use in different situations is a big plus for many. Our base rule for communication is that your responsibility is 100% to get the message delivered and recreated. Our role plays may be simply verbal or perhaps video. 


Learning on the fly is part of our planning. You prepare a learning plan to strengthen & upgrade your skill base.

Believe in
Believe in

Mindfulness and Communication

Tom Jackson

Brighton Mass 

617 254 0791

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