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Central to coaching is  the belief that "two heads are better than one". Working together with openess, creativity and clear goals gets tangible results in terms of increased interviews and more call backs "Making things happen" is the forward principle. Powerful communications is the language of success. Just words? No. We work together with a bias to smart action- fresh thinking, and candor.


Payoffs from Coaching 

Old assumptions are challenged and new ideas are made tangible. Solid payoffs come in efficient strategies for contacting the right people, targeting what you are after specifically, powerful resumes cover letters and more. Click the icon on the right to find out more about the potential payoffs.



Regular program

We charge by the "month" (four weeks) with a two month minimum for our reguar engagement. (Monthly fees range from $600 to $750) Each month is an all in situation where we do whatever is needed to move to your next hard target.


Each month includes three 90 minute face to face interactive meetings, responding to current priorities in your campaign, review of tactics, role plays, planning and direct problem solving. Between each face to face meeting there are emails, texts, phone time and specific written assignments. We take on targets to fit your timelines and priorities. You and the coach are mutually committed to measurable outcomes.



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