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Payoffs from Your Coaching 

Which of the following would be most useful to you?

1. Customized career targets balancng personal values, earning power, work style and quest for growth.


2. Exploring ways to shift your day to day performance from "ordinary" to "extraordinary' Breaking away from old paradigms.


3.Translating experience and competencies from one field to others; widening choice of opportunities and redefining your place in the economy’s value chain.


4. Expanding business and social support networks and helping your contacts produce good leads for you.


5. Strengthening your negotiating power to achieve attractive compensation and rewards including work style and benefits.


6. Exploring the entrepreneurial aspects of your career: consultancies, virtual work, partnerships, start ups and more.


7.  Discover improved ways to express yourself and influence others. Person-on-person role-plays (verbal or video) cement your communication strengths. 


8.  Challenge what you think you know – your assumptions  and the “conventional wisdom” – about careers, jobs, workplace practices, security and earning power -  all of which are changing dynamically.


Tom Jackson

Brighton Mass 

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